INANNA Trailer 2015







Ancient Rumblings is a dance/music/video company founded by Joanne Camilleri, Chris Hall and Keith Holding.  Our first Production is Inanna * Goddess of Heaven and Earth, a full length musical fusing Ancient Dance with Folk/Country/Rock Music, modern Video Production and extraordinary Costume Design.

Inanna * Goddess of Heaven and Earth is a 70 minute, 9 Act Multi-Media Dance-Musical.  It crosses culture, gender and time and takes our audience on an erotic journey to the ancient world of Mesopotamia 7,000 year ago... (Maybe) 

Choreographed by the multi-talented Joanne Camilleri, she and her dancing priestesses grind and flow to the musical genius of Chris Hall and his band of gypsies.  Keith Holding has used his magic, creating an art film that interacts with and provides backdrop and settings to the dancers and live band.

This 2 act performance can be staged in a theatre, large club or outdoor environment and will engage the audience in participatory bliss.

Ancient Rumblings - honouring the ancient and celebrating the modern.

... We are very grateful to the dancers, musicians, artists, writers and technicians that have been a part of the development of this project.

an Ancient Rumblings Rock Spectacle


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